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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Am I eligible for the ASPIRE Scholarship if I do not meet requirements for the Pell Grant?

No. You must meet requirements for the HOPE Scholarship and the Federal Pell Grant to be eligible.

Are the Tennessee Aspire Award and the UT ASPIRE Scholarship the same?

No. They are two separate programs that provide different benefits. Each also has distinct eligibility requirements and application processes.

Can I apply for the Tennessee Aspire Award and the UT ASPIRE Scholarship?

Yes, you may apply separately to both if you meet eligibility requirements for both.

Can I live in a different Living and Learning Community (LLC) other than the Discovery LLC?

All ASPIRE scholars are are expected to live in the Discovery LLC for their freshman and sophomore years.

Can I live off campus?

You may live off campus for your junior and senior years. You are required to live on campus for your freshman and sophomore years.

Do I have to choose one of the majors listed on the website to receive the ASPIRE Scholarship?

Yes, you must remain in one of the eligible majors listed in the College of Arts and Sciences. However, you may double major and/or minor in an area outside of these requirements. (i.e. major in Biological Sciences and minor in English).

What are the requirements to maintain the ASPIRE scholarship?

To maintain the scholarship, students must remain enrolled as a full-time student making satisfactory progress in a STEM major in the College of Arts and Sciences, remain in the Discovery LLC through the first two years, participate in a mentoring program, and maintain good academic standing using criteria comparable to those for maintaining eligibility for the HOPE scholarship.

Can I apply for the ASPIRE Scholarship at both UTK and UTC?

Yes, you may apply separately to both Universities.